CPM 6161

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 Double Station Composite Panel Processing Machine
 CPM 6161
 Lager Ennepetal 

Category: YILMAZ Machine - Fensterbau- Profilbearbeitung

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Product Information           

·         Property of automatic vacuum control on the screen and partial
vacuum control of the table

·         Double station operation property (2 pc. x 3200mm panel)

·         Ability to Machine composite panel in maximum 1600 x 6650 mm sizes

·         Steel construction body and bridge that have dynamic and
rigid design= Maximum accuracy

·         Feature of programming based on the principle of
providing maximum manufacture with high performance HSD spindle

·         A magazine unit with 6 tool capacity positioned on the bridge
in order to minimize the tool changing time= Minimum tool change time

·         Easy monitoring of the breakdown waiting and operating
positions with LED effects on the Machine table

·         Ability to prepare the panel machining programs in a short period
with the YILMAZCAM software program = Easy to operate (Alphacam optional)

·         VORTEX chip removal system that cleans all the chips on the work plate

·         Ability to retain easy even the parts in small sizes on the machining
 table thanks to the vacuum sucker with
2 x 7.5 kW suction capacity = no skimming

·         3 pcs. of pneumatic reference support pins.( third one is for the
 processing of the panels bigger than 6650 mm)

·         Ability to move the panels on the table easy with the vacuum
blower that can be operated reversely

·         CNC automatic system that ensure movement on 3 axes

·         Pneumatically working reference pin system (pin system not
interdependent for the double station operation)

·         Automatic Tool Measurement System that ensure resetting
of the tool length= minimum set-up time

·         Light barrier for maximum safety

·         Multiple language support

·         PLC controlled control panel with color screen

·         Hand-held pendant station unit for the adjustments and manual movement

·         Possibility of easy program transfer with USB memory

·         Ability to create program on the screen

·         Technical support with remote connection

·         Automatic lubrication system


Dimensions: 730,00 × 235,00 × 180,00 cm

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