Hinged belt conveyor

Item number: M14101247

Category: Späneförderer

Price on application


Hinged belt conveyosr are used to convey a broad range of long, rough, curled and crumb type chips which come from from transmission steel, work tool steel, aluminum alloy metal, as well as other materials such as teflon, delrin, etc. Hinged belt conveyors are most commonly used type of chip conveyors. These are the systems which were designed for the purpose of conveying the chips comes out from production process and seperating cutting oil/coolant from the chips. Hinged belt conveyors can be produced with tank and without tank in order to send cutting oil/coolant back to the system. In our standard production we use four type of chain pitch 31.75 , 38.10 , 50.80 , 63.50. Chain pitch is decided per to amount of chip will be conveyed and width & length of conveyor.

Motor and gear box are selected according to amount of chips will be conveyed per hour. Recycling of cooling fluids are taken into account in this selection. Control of the conveyor can be done by a panel, and also it can be done by CNC control unit of machine tool by making a socket connection as well. These conveyors can be manufactured as to required purposes and dimensions. As the general structure and belt system, hinged belt conveyors are long-lasting as long as maintenance is done regularly.


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